Investment Portfolio

Afristrat Investment Portfolio Includes

  • 42.97% in MyBucks S.A.
  • 32.8% in GetBucks Microfinance Bank Limited (“GetBucks Zimbabwe”)
  • 100% in Ecsponent Credit Services Proprietary Limited (“Ecsponent Credit Services”)
  • 70% in Invest Solar Africa Limited (“Invest Solar”)
  • 51% in Chrome Valley Mining Private Limited (“Chrome Valley Mining” or “CVM”).

My Bucks

Afristrat Limited owns 42.97% of MyBucks S.A., the parent company of MBC Holdings (“MBCH”)

Headquartered in Botswana, MBCH is a Digital Banking Group that uses technology to provide financial services and products to the underbanked and unbanked customers primarily in Southern Africa. MBCH believes technology is an enabler that can assist to exponentially increase financial inclusion

MBCH currently has banking operations in Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda and Zimbabwe.

Invest Solar

  • 20MW solar plant under construction in Zimbabwe

  • 300MW worth of projects identified

  • Developing projects in five Southern African countries

Afristrat Limited owns 70% of Invest Solar Africa Limited. Invest Solar Africa is a renewable energy company focused on developing and financing income-generating renewable energy projects in selected markets within Africa.

The company currently has a head office in Botswana.

The Company is targeting to raise/invest an aggregate of US$300 million(debt and equity) to Renewable Energy Projects with an aggregate generation capacity of 270MW+ over the next three years.

The projects are expected to generate Internal Rates of Return of between 15% and 20% for investors and generate a consistent source of cash flow streams over periods of more than 20 years.

Chrome Valley Mining

Afristrat owns 51% of Chrome Valley Mining.

Chrome Valley Mining is a joint venture set up by Afristrat and its partners for the purposes of exploring, developing and exploiting of the minerals that fall under claims owned by Chrome Valley in the north part of The Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.

The claims cover an area of 2 400ha. While Chrome Valley Mining will be focused on mining chrome ore, other minerals found in the Great Dyke include chromium, platinum, gold, silver and nickel.

Giant chromium ore crystals of up to 1.5m have been found on the dyke. Chrome is mainly used in stainless steel production, as a metal coat, in the chemical industry and in metallurgical processes.

  • Chrome Valley has claims covering an area of 2 400ha.

  • Zimbabwe has the 2nd largest high-grade chromium ores worldwide.

  • Zimbabwe has chromium ore reserves of approximately 10 billion tons.